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Choosing a dress is no easy task. But when you find yours, the one you will wear for several hours, that will follow you in the strongest moments of the day, in the wildest moments of the evening, the one that will undergo your arms raised towards the sky, your swaddling, your throws of legs and kicks, it is a few months that pass before this beautiful D day !

And it is at this moment that our common adventure truly begins.

We will live a few hours, over four, six, eight months or more, in the privacy of our workshop. This sacred place, where fabrics, lace, sewing machines, wardrobes mingle, this place will be your fitting space, the refuge of your dress, which from a cotton canvas will turn into a WEDDING DRESS, your wedding dress.

This magic is constant, all around us, all around you. It gives us a smile as soon as we open the door, as soon as you look in the mirror.

And then comes the day of apotheosis. Your dress glides voluptuously around your body. You put on your shoes, you delicately try on your jewels. And there you are! Beautiful, a few tears in the corner of the eyes, the heart beating hard.

The return to reality invites us to put your wedding outfit on its hanger, close the cover and take you in your arms to wish you immense happiness.

So yes, for us, who have put all our heart, our know-how, our time of day (and sometimes of night…), it is so good to read you, to receive your photos, professional or amateur. It is our pleasure to discover you, all dressed up and beautiful, to meet your other half and in some cases your little beans.

So thank you, whether you send us your photos or not. Thank you because your returns are dear to our hearts, move us and are oh how rewarding.

toronto wedding dress

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